Love Cleaning?
Love Flexibility & Freedom?
Work with Mopify!

Why Work with Mopify?

Maximum Flexibilty

Maximum Flexibility

You pick your schedule and only work when you want.

Balancing life and work has never been easier. Whether you've got 10 hours or 30 hours free every week, find work that fits with your lifestyle.

Great Rates

Earn more money by working with Mopify. Rates much higher than other companies.

You control how much work you take on and you can scale things up or down as your needs change.

Great rates
Work Remote

Work Remotely

You never have to show up to an office again. Managing yourself completely remote and completely online.

You'll have everything you need to manage your schedule and other logistics with us.

Quick and Easy Payouts

Weekly payouts mean you get your money for your work fast, without having to wait long periods of time.

Payouts are seamlessly deposited directly into your bank account with no hassles.

Fast Payouts

Who We're Looking For

Ideally, you've got the following traits:

  1. You're hardworking and reliable
  2. You're a self-starter
  3. You're personable and enjoy meeting new people
  4. You're focused on customer service and making people happy – you go the extra mile
  5. You love cleaning


  1. Two or more years professional residential cleaning experience
  2. Authorized to work in your Country
  3. Able to pass criminal background check
  4. Fluent in English
  5. Must have smartphone with data plan
  6. Comfortable with technology (email, internet)

How is Mopify Different?

There's lots of reasons why you'll love working with us.

Great Support

Great Support

We've got your back! Mopify agents are always standing-by to help you if you need it. We pride ourselves on quick response times so you'll never find yourself standing around waiting for an answer.

Lots of Work

We've got thousands of happy customers. That means a whole lot of work for you, if you want it. Working with Mopify, you can take on as much (or as little) work as you want.

Lots of Work

Satisfied Cleaners

Satisfied Cleaners

We're pretty proud of our average 9.5/10 satisfaction score that cleaners working with us have rated Mopify. Of course, we're still trying to improve that to a perfect 10.

Same Customers

We try our best to keep you paired with the same customers going forward. That way, you know the house and people so there's consistency in your days and no surprises.

Same Customers

No Administration

No Administration

All you have to do is show up and clean.

Choose Your Territory

Choose Your Area

You can pick the territory where you'd like to take-on work. You won't have to run all over the city if you don't want to. This makes it especially easy if you rely on public transportation to get around.


Have some of your own customers already? That's totally fine. We can fill the rest of your schedule for you while you continue to service your existing clients on your own.

Non Exclusive